Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Crabby Father's Day!

What with working late nights on the books and all, I don't often get the chance to keep up on the things I want to do. Blogging for my family site is one of them. So tonight's post will be a VERY LATE entry about one of the most enjoyable days I have had with my family in a long time.

Fathers Day 2008 started out as good as you could want. The sun was shinning at last and we were heading to the zoo as a family. Angela, Keegan, Truitt and I were joined by Angela's sister Lindy and her two boys for a morning trek up to Woodland Park Zoo. After fighting (and I do mean fighting) for what seemed like the last two parking spaces at the zoo we skipped the line (using our Toledo Zoo de da!) and entered the the zoo entrance shortly before noon. Once inside, a surprise awaited us as the kids (Truitt included) all received a free Frog stuffed animal.

We scouted out a great picnic spot to feed the troops and then promptly headed out to explore the zoo. We had a great time, and the boys were well mannered (for the most part!) There were some cool new exhibits with Flamingo's and the Gorillas there have never disappointed.

By the time we wrapped up at the zoo the boys were all VERY ready for naps and so Lindy and her clan started down the road for home. As Angela and I sat in the car we decided on the spot to just let Keegan nap in the car and head for dinner on the waterfront. We ended up at The Crab Pot a very fun (but spendy) restaurant that serves excellent seafood. As you can see from the picture below we opted for the meal that required wooden mallets and over sized bibs. Keegan got a kick out of it!

We had a super fun time at dinner and finished the evening by watching the boats on the waterfront, exploring a Pirate shop, petting horses and eating ice cream.
It was the best crabby father's day I've ever had!

Thanks family!