Saturday, December 29, 2007

Episode II: Doughnuts Anyone?

Keegan and I made a doughnut run yesterday to bring some joy back to the hospital. Keegan's a great delivery boy and even made me wear the hat when we went into Jamba Juice to get Mommy's special drink. But...we had to take them off when we were outside in the rain because he was afraid they might blow away. I love him.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Episode I: New blog, new boy, new year...

That's right...2008 is only 2 days away and we decided to start a family blog. What can I say, we're getting ready to kick off the new year in style. We Millers like to do things right, so with the first post of our new blog we're announcing some big news...very big news...even bigger news than the fact that we started a blog (hard to imagine, I know, but it really is).

So, if you are ready for some excitement, read on; if not, then by all means visit some boring site like and when you are thoroughly bored come on back and read about our exciting news below.

Okay, so here it goes...

On December 27, 2007 at exactly 4:30AM the alarm went off in our bedroom. It was the first time we had ever intentionally set our alarm for that early in the morning. A very exciting moment in our lives, and definitely one worth launching a blog about. Get was so early, the sun hadn't even started to come up yet. If that isn't exciting I don't know what its, but if you need more keep reading.

After rolling out of bed and dragging ourselves across the floor toward the bathroom we got ready for the day and headed out into the cold, dark, morning air. As we drove away from our house at around 5:15AM we discovered a most curious thing...there were actually other people awake at that ridiculously early hour and they were driving around town just like us! How weird. Bet you didn't know that.

By now you are probably asking yourselves, why am I reading about this? The answer is, of course, because you don't have better things to do, and there is some really big news coming up in just a few sentences. Don't give up now.

At approx. 6:50AM I got to wear some super cool clothes that were made out of...get paper. I was told that similar outfits have been worn by the coolest celebrities and very fashionable people. Everything matched. The outfit even included a funny hat, a mask and blue paper "shoes" that matched. I have uploaded a picture for your enjoyment. I'm the one in the middle, you can ignore the other two for now, I'll get to them later.

So, after I donned my new 'threads' and made my 'hip' fashion statement to the world I was taken into a room by the very doctors who were responsible for wanting us to get up this early in the first place. It was 7:30AM and they had graciously allowed Angela to lay down on a bed again (I guess she needed some extra sleep). They had put up a big blue sheet that allowed me to see Angela from the neck up, (see picture above) I'm assuming the rest of her was still there behind the sheet, but I don't know for sure. (notice that the sheet also matched my cool outfit too). I told you this wasn't going to be boring.

Then at 7:48AM and a few seconds, we heard a funny baby cry (that sounded more like a squeak) from the other side of the blue sheet. Angela and I gave each other a look as if to say 'what was that?' and before we knew it the nurses were handing us a brand new baby boy. What luck! I knew I had gotten up early for a reason (and you knew you were reading this for a reason.)

But seriously, his name is Truitt and we are thrilled to welcome him to our family. He weighed in at 7lb 14oz, was 21 inches long and reminded us both allot of Keegan (our three year old son, for those who are trying to catch up). Angela has recovered from her surgery very well and we have been blessed to have him with us. Here's a few more pictures of the little guy for those who don't believe us.

Thank you God for blessing our family with another healthy baby boy, Truitt Miller!